There are 3 surf breaks at Depot Beach.

  1. Boat Harbour, which is a small left-hand break at the western end of Depot Beach next to the rock platform.
  2. Further around the rock platform, half way to Pebbly Beach, is a right-hand break when the swell is up.
  3. Back-door is a right-hand break the beach opposite Grasshopper Island, to the east of Depot Beach.


You can stand up paddle board around Depot Beach and the rock platforms when there is a westerly or southerly wind and the swell is low.

The ideal spot is Calm Corner( northern end of Durras Beach) and in Durras Lake which is 2 km away.


There are many snorkelling spots at Depot Beach, adjoining beaches and Durras Lake. Just 50 m from your cottage you can snorkel in shallow or deep waters and forage around the rock pools and find hidden coves. The abundance of rock platforms, rock shelves and channels make it ideal for sheltered exploring. Go to Durras Lake if you are a beginner and for younger children. The Lake is tidal and clear and very safe as there are large areas of shallow, still water.


Sea kayaking around Grasshopper Island is amazing when the sea is calm, otherwise around Depot Beach and its rock platforms on a calm day is beautiful. Durras Lake and Calm Corner are best for beginners.

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Surfing just north of Depot beach
Bodyboarding for kids
Surfing lessons at Calm Corner
SUP at Durras Lake
Rock platform for snorkelling at Depot Beach
Rock platform for snorkelling at Depot Beach